Randabygda / Hopland

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Randabygda / Hopland

Seen from the view point Kleiva.  The outmost EŽastern point of the hamlet.


Waterfall Tvinnefossen

From an overhang, the river Tvinna bounces off and make a waterfall where you can walk behind the water dry-shod, if the waterfall is not too big.  It is a very special experience to stand behind the water fall and look at the sunshine outside trough the mass of water. 
Car park at the school yard.  Follow the marked path to the waterfall



Tvinnekraana  (Tvinna Corner)

At the fjord, the Tvinna river makes a bigger water fall. This one you won't be able to walk behind!   Here you will find a mill  house and a saw mill built together and ran by a turbine powered by the water from the waterfall.  If the water level in the river due to heavy raining or snow melting is high, the waterfall will go over the cliff at the shore and reach all the way down to the fjord.




Mill house interior

Inside the mill house Tvinna corner



Farm yard Hammar

Collections of houses.  The oldest more than 100 years old.
Starting point for the path to the T
vinna Corner.
The farm mainly has sheeps and grows apples and other fruits



Hopland Seaside

With grocery shop, Saw mill, Fruit depot.
In the summertime, the depot is used as a seaside cafť.
You also may find some locally made handwork and souvenirs there




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