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 One  in a million seeks one in a zillion,

Greetings to everyone in the world who might view this web site. I have to give my love and gratitude to my dearest friend, Haakon, who lives in the country of Norway, and with whom I have been corresponding  for several years, yet we have never met. He is the kindest person I know, (but don't know), over the Internet. I would have no idea how to put together a web site as I have never had a computer lesson in my life, however I keep learning often by pressing the "wrong" buttons".
Also a big thank you to my dear friend for many, many years, Carol, for helping me to revise these pages.

I touched down on earth on October 10, 1950.  However, I refuse to grow up, and I will always be a kid at heart. I am 5' 6" and weigh 115, blond with blue eyes and very athletic.

I've been told that I have a wonderful sense of humor.  That's good, because without humor, one is lost!! I have several interests which include:  traveling to the Caribbean, sports, photography, counseling, teaching, movies, dinning out, cooking, learning about the Internet, meeting discovering spiritual ideas and religions.

Having graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in psychology and then going on for a Masters degree in Education at Cambridge College, I love helping other people. We all have challenges in life, and if I can help someone else, I help myself.


In Nov. 2005, I passed the Florida Real Estate Sales exam.. So now I am a real estate sales agent in Massachusetts in the USA, and in Florida too.

I would enjoy hearing from anyone in the world as long as you are not incarcerated or not an escapee!!
And a driver's license would be helpful along with intelligence, a job, and a love of life and laughter.

This will be a very interesting project to put this site together, as Haakon  deserves  all of the credit. He is in another country and I am a "snow bird" traveling from Maine to Florida when the seasons change.

I have found that meeting people over the internet has been most educational and interesting. You never know who you might meet in cyberspace.

Wishing everyone the best of luck out there, and don't give up hope!!  God helps those who help them selves.

Warmly and most sincerely,










                  Private:  (352) 854 1169





As I told, I love travelling to exotic places meeting new friends.

Oh. by the way!  How do you  like Gorilla George?



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