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Ingrids Site

These websites contain information about me
as well as this great district

 You also may find some links to other web-sites.

You may contact me by  e-mail or IM services like:
MSN , ICQ, (# 41 991 148),  Skype or Yahoo. ( as "hoskno")

The pages may contain elements that are called java Applets and Active X .  To give the best view and function during the browsing, the browser must accept Java and Active X.

If the pages do not show up properly,
 ۰ please click one of the browser "buttons" to the left, to download a newer   browser version,
 ۰ Enable / accept Java in your browser, and say yes it Active X if you are asked for it
 ۰ or you may try to change the font size or zoom level.

Have a nice trip! 




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