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- Utvær is a deserted fishing village. Nobody lives there all year round anymore. Utvær has become a hoilday destination for Utværians which has their roots connected to the island.

- Utvær has a strong history as fishing village and key port.

- The Vikings were here. Harald Hardråde set out on a mission from Utvær to England in 1066.

- A Church was built here around year 1100-1200 , this church was relocated from Utvær in 1718.

- The lighthouse was built in 1900, and became an important landmark and created new jobs for the region.

- Second World War had a significant impact on Utvær as the lighthouse was a target for demolition.

- Utvær has been a powerful center in this region, and gave name to an important shipping route – Utvær skipsreide.

- Torald Storøy can tell you more about the history of Utvær when you come to visit Utvær.



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