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Lokal painter, illustrator,galler


Cafè, Art Gallery
Paintings on stone


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Like Software, greeting cards, search engines, Internet related stuff, in addition to some local web sites.

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Fastest browser on earth.
And you get it for free!

Zone Alarm
Personal fire wall
Buildt in WHOIS

Sam Spade
Powerful tracing program
Who is the hacker?

Steve Gibson's site for Internet-  and data security

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Shareware / Freeware Programs
Hot Bar  |  SiSoftSandra  |  Laze  |  Envira  |  FilezFilez  | SoftSeek  |  |  Jumbo  | Freevare Home |  |   Cool'n Free  |   GRC Freeware   | 
Greeting Cards 
American Greetings  |  Yahoo  |  321 Greetings  |    
Search engines
Yahoo  |  AltaVista  |  Hot Bot  |  Eudora  |  Exite  | 
Magellan  |  InfoSeek  |  Step Stone  |  KLSY   |  
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