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Where is..

The district is called Fjelli and is a part of the municipality of Stryn.

The district also is  called
źNordsida╗ (źNorth Side╗), as it is located on the north side of the Nordfjord. The district also includes the districts Blakset and

In earlier times this district belonged to the churches at the other side of the fjord.  There was no road connection, so people had to cross the fjord in open boats.  That could be quite a challenge when the weather was rough.  No matter if it was funerals or infant baptism. Just imagine how it was walking down steep, may be slippery slopes carrying the infant to the fjord, putting out the rowing boat, and try to cross the fjord in strong wind with the waves going high around the boat.  From about 1936, motor boats came in use. that helped a lot. Though, the joy was big when we got our own church in the early 70's.


The business 

Main business is agriculture.
But you also will find factories and service institutions.

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You can find several attractions in this district. spectacular natural sceneries , cultural and historical places.

Farmers have build up cabins for hire. In peak seasons, they might be occupied, but if you have luck, you may find some that is vacant.

In 2005, a new road was opened between Randabygda/Hopland and Hennebygda, farthest to the west of this district.  This road was the last piece of the road that was planned to go along the fjord from Faleide in the east to Nordfjordeid in the west.  As it took about 90 years from plans to the completion date. and since they made the road "step by step",  the different parts of the road got unequal road numbers. But it is most known by the  name  "Route 613"   everyday talk 

The Panorama Road  

It winds its way trough a stunning landscape from the seaside to about 500 m above sea level. and you will find several viewpoints along the road.


Along the road, you will find marked patches to alpine pastures and  sea side boat house environments.

More about those attractions here

My home is   
my castle╗. . .

. . .  and it is located      HOKSTAD.jpg (138345 byte)
400m above the sea level

. . .  with a magnificent  view to the fjord and   to the glacier at the   other side of the fjord.

Nice surroundings. . . .

. . .  with possibilities for  hiking tours  summer or winter. 
On foot as well as on ski.

You will find marked paths to several destinations which you can reach within few hours



You also will  have the opportunity to go fishing  on the fjord and also in minor lakes and ponds in the mountains


Here represented by the Ulvedals Demma,  a part of  the culture paths at Ulvedal

ATT!  Remember fishing card!

You will get cards at  nearby farms





What about an almost 1000 years old military guard hut?  (From the Viking period). 
The only one in Norway, standing on it's original location.
This is among the items you will find along the culture paths at Ulvedal

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