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Borne in 1952


Open minded

Think myself that I got 
a great sense of humour









Digital Darkroom
Wild, wild project

I got several hobbies that takes most of my time off. 
some of them you will find below


Travelling around taking pictures of nature and persons. To view the albums, please visit the photo site


Culinary experiments in the kitchen.
Click the Receipts to the left for samples


 Working with design related work and picture editing. Please visit the
 "Digital Dark room" to read more.





Main business is agriculture or should I say. it was.
The 31st of Oct. 2009 the last cows went out the door. I had to close down due to an eye surgery. And with expected 4 - 6 weeks sick off / eye.  it would be too high cost hiring in stand ins.  It would take about 4x the amount I would be able to cash in.

Besides, the well known finance guru, Trygve Hegnar,  often has told the people that small farms have no right to live.  It is better to have a few big farms, or import the food.  The big food production company, Orkla tells just the same.

What now than?
May be it will be more time to carry out the additional business.  rock blasting for local contractors.  Until the authorities tells me to stop it.  I have heard some rumours that the want to get rid of minor blasting companies and leave that business to the really big ones.  Still they have not told me anything.
Time will tell.

I have also got engagement as a research interviewer at the Norwegian branch of the  Taylor Nelson Sofres Institute.  (TNS Gallup)

Feb. 2010, I have started a part time job at the swimming pool in Stryn  as a porter.