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Welcome to my photo  gallery

Here you will find photos of landscapes and events .

It is the plan  to   add more albums when I get  some new. ready.

Some of the photos are "click able" so you might enlarge them,  if you wish.
Trying to decrease the size and download time,  I am sorry to tell that the quality is rather low.

Some people may say that I am a "Photo Freak", as I  sometimes do not feel dressed if  I have not grabbed one or another camera, hoping to find something, or some one  out there to  "track down and bring home".
Oh well...    Better to be  high as a Photo Freak than a Junkie Freak!     



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May 17th

Not everything
is what you think

One photo made of 3.  How it is done?  Click the photo to see more.

The Briksdal Glacier is shrinking

For more information, see the "More about glaciers"  album

Sun eclipse May

      Giant stones that came down from way up in the mountain and landed on the path to the Briksdal Glacier.  Building a gate which you can walk trough on the path.    

Jan. 1st  2008.

Lovely,  sunny winter day


The Soelvberg hamlet
During the eclipse
 31st of May 2003


Mt. Bergsetnakken

Mt. Bergsetnakken

Mt. Bergsetnakken


View ot the east

View to the south

View to the west


From the culture days at Ulvedal, 2007

In my garden

On the first of Jan. 2008

Undredal, Sogn